Do you prefer the city or the forest? Rio allows you to enjoy the best of both options!

Rio de Janeiro is an extremely privileged place. Cutural and historical capital of Brazil, the Wonderful City is always enchanting the visitors from all over the world with it's amazing landscapes, music and friendly people. In addition to offering breathtaking beaches and numerous sports and leisure options, Rio brings to you one of the largest metropolitan protected forest areas in the world. We take you to explore all of these wonderful places in the funnest and healthiest way, by bicycle, so you can fall in love with this city like the rest of us.

City Tours

Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for almost 200 years and it arguably remains, even until today, the most important and known city of Brazil. The country´s history is represented by it´s amazing landscapes. Biking in Rio reveals the city in a much more authentic way that allows you to interact with the locals and better understand the Carioca way of life.

Forest Tours

The Tijuca Forest happens to reside in Brazil´s most popular national park, Tijuca National Park, which is a preserved area that offers an array of activities to it´s visitors. You can find hiking, climbing hang gliding and much more. We are flexible to tailor the tour to your preference!