Meet the Bike Rio Café

Meet the Bike Rio Café

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Logo of Bike Rio Café

Imagine cycling to work in your home town or city and having the option of parking your bike at a shop, taking a shower, ordering a coffee and breakfast all before going to work in the morning.  This is now a possibility in the city of Rio de Janeiro thanks to our friends at the Bike Rio Café.

The main idea of Bike Rio Café is to encourage those who work in downtown Rio to go by bicycle. A common aspect of life that limits people to going to work on bicycle is that by the time they show up to their work, they’re sweaty from the Rio heat and the pace of cycling through the city. Nobody likes showing up to work with a moist shirt full of perspiration, nor would their colleagues.  Fortunately for those who work in downtown Rio, there is now the option to go by bicycle without the fear of arriving with a puddle of back sweat to their job.  Thanks to Frederico Lima and his brothers, who had the brilliant idea to provide further incentive to their fellow Cariocas (people from Rio.)


The founders of Bike Rio Café

Bike Rio Café allows you to leave your bicycle and any other belongings, take a shower, change clothes, order a drink, food and walk to work a happy person knowing your bicycle will be taken care of.


You can now bike to the cafe, take a shower and then go to work feeling fresh!

Bike in Rio Tours founder, Bruno Elias, happened to be cycling around downtown one day and spotted this café and decided to check it out. After five hours of passionate conversation about bicycling and several beers, a partnership was formed!  Bike in Rio now ends its city tours at the Bike Rio Café to give you the option of showering, ordering a coffee, beer or any other beverage along with their decent food menu.  The Full City bike tour includes a Feijoada (typical Brazilian dish of beef & black bean stew over rice with kale, cassava flour) from Bike Rio Café to leave you feeling full and satisfied for the long ride throughout the city.

Soon we will also offer rentals from the Bike Rio Café which will allow those who are staying close to Lapa and downtown Rio an close bike rental option.


Entrance of Bike Rio Café

This multi-faceted bike-themed café offers much more than already mentioned. They have live music and events on Friday evenings to go into the weekend with a bang.

Bikes, coffee, showers, beers, great food. What more can you ask for?  This place is a must-see when visiting Rio. We are very happy to be partnered with such an amazing venue!

When you see this, you've arrived to the Bike Rio Café!

When you see this, you’ve arrived to the Bike Rio Café!